Sea Otters with Pups & Elephant Seals

Some recent photos of sea otters and pups on the central Calif coast taken with the new Sony mirrorless a9II body and G master 100-400 mm lens with 1.4 extender. Also some Elephant Seals at Piedras Blancas south of Big Sur, Cal.

Sea otter with very young pup
Sea Otter with pup
Sea otter with young pup

Elephant Seals fighting
Female Elephant Seal and pup
Elephant Seals males fighting over females

Pt Reyes Nat Seashore

We just returned from Pt Reyes National Seashore about an hour north of San Francisco, a large peninsula that extends into the Pacific. It has miles of sandy and cliff lined beaches, forests, grasslands, and wildlife including bobcats, shorebirds, elk, deer, owls, coyotes, hawks, elephant seals, and many species of birds. Of course since I did not bring my long lens, and only a wide angle, we did see 2 bobcats, coyotes, and 3 huge male elk. The bobcats bounded across the road at such speed that I still might not have gotten the shot.

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Drakes Beach, Pt Reyes
Drakes Beach sunset
Drakes Beach sunset
Drakes Beach sunset
Point Reyes shipwreck, Inverness, Cal
Pt Reyes shipwreck, Inverness, Cal