Burrowing Owls

Recently taken photos of Burrowing Owl family with young recently out of nest in S. California. One of the juveniles is starting to fly short distances and the female is feeding the young still; but I have not seen the male adult after several visits.

I have to apologize for not posting on this site for a while and have been more active on Instagram @ImagePhotoPro. Please follow me there with some of my best images. I tend to post there at least several times a week with new material, both bird photography, landscapes, and other wildlife.

During this pandemic we have not traveled either domestically or internationally but have had to make do with local birds in my backyard or nearby. I hope all my followers are staying safe in these difficult times and that we can get back to normal before too long. I do have some backyard photos of Hooded Orioles, Warblers, Western Bluebirds, and some Woodpeckers which I will post on this Blog soon.

Owl with mouse breakfast
Juvenile pestering mom until she flew from perch
Burrowing owl landing

young Burrowing Owls
“What are you looking at?”
“Let’s play Dentist”
“Face to Face”
Owl chicks grooming
young owl on one of first flights
“Wing Dance”
Burrowing Owl, female with young
“See my new wing feathers”