Larry Moskovitz has been a photographer for 40 years with a BS in photography and a specialty of birds, nature and wildlife photography. He is a member of NANPA (N American Nature Photography Assoc) and Canon Professionals. His photographs have been exhibited at multiple shows including the Best of Nature at the San Diego Museum of Natural History for 2 years, Berkeley Museum of Art, various wildlife photography shows, and fairs. He has lectured throughout the US and Canada on orchids with his orchid photographs.
Website at   www.imagephotopro.com

Larry in Andes at 14,000 ft

Larry in Andes at 14,000 ft


  1. Excellent work. I can only aspire to such. Saw your post on LinkedIn and followed. A curiosity if I may, how do you drop the background on some of your images? Is it Photoshop or perhaps a blownout sky? Either way it makes a wonderful presentation…

    • Thanks for your comment. If you manually expose for the bird then the sky can be white or light. Otherwise you get a dark bird against a blue sky if you use auto exposure. I try for the sun behind me and then get a darker sky usually but backlight will produce a lighter sky. Also a long lens will produce out of focus backgrounds with a wide open lens.

  2. Larry,
    Your images show a great love and respect for the natural world.
    I have spent many hours watching and photographing birds and other animals.
    I have about 300 images that are a notch above ordinary. About 60 of them are on the web site I recently started.
    I recently joined NANPA and I am planning to attend the Jacksonville, FL conference in Feb.
    Are you a member of any nature photo orgs? or other photo orgs?
    Also, I use photoshop CS but I can’t find a way to get the circle c copyright symbol. I can do it in MS Word. Is there a special shift/function key? I use a macbook.
    Thank you,
    Bill Bitman

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