Ducks- Santee Lakes, San Diego, County, Ca

Wood Duck Santee Lakes

Wood Duck
Santee Lakes

Wood Duck

Wood Duck

wd_duck_female2383Female Wood Duck ring_necked_duck2347Ring-necked Duck

mallard_landing2476Mallard Landing at Santee Lakes bewicks_wren2193Bewick’s Wren    Fallbrook, CA


Last week I went to Santee Lakes in San Diego County off the 52 freeway, Mast exit north where hundreds of Ducks winter including possibly 30 or more Wood Ducks. This is one of the few places they can be found in our area and they also nest here in the Spring. Other species include American Wigeon, Ring_necked Duck, and lots of Coots. Also found are Ospreys, Belted Kingfishers, warblers, and several Hawk species- including Red-tailed, Cooper’s, and occasionally Zone-tailed.

American Wigeon

American Wigeon


2 thoughts on “Ducks- Santee Lakes, San Diego, County, Ca

    WOULd like to return to Santee lakes in february
    or march Have not been there in a number of years, WONDERING HOW THE DROUGHT HAS affected the birds. HOPING YOU MIGHT keep me appraised.

    ALSO wishing to photograph western and clark’s grebes with chicks riding on the backs. WAS TOO EARLY AT CLEAR LAKE IN 2013


    • Jim
      I haven’t been to Santee Lakes for a couple of months but there should be a good variety of ducks including the Wood Ducks in Feb. The Western Grebes breed in late Spring at Lake Hodges off the 15 just south of Escondido. They tend to stay out fairly far from shore where they nest and it is hard to get close to them. I don’t know about the Clarkes though. Lake Wohlford near Escondido also has a lot of Western Grebes. Not sure how the drought has affected the birds but there is always water in Santee whereas Hodges dropped very low last year. We are getting more rain now so it might change by spring.
      UPDATE I went to Santee lakes yesterday ( Dec 22) and lots of Wood Ducks, N shoveler, ring-necked ducks, coots, a few Wigeons, Pintail,& Mallards. They are very tame as people feed them so you can get close- no hunting here!

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