Burrowing Owl Chicks

Some new photos of Calif Burrowing Owl chicks in Calif. Although they are not on the Endangered Species List they are in decline in most areas of the West due to loss of habitat. They should be protected as their future is very uncertain. Their preferred habitat is low grassy areas and sandy soil and are dependent on abandoned ground squirrel tunnels or other rodents nests. Warehouse, Commercial construction and housing developments have eliminated much of their habitat.

See my short video on Youtube on these Burrowing Owls

new Burrowing Owl video
Get Off My Stick !
I got here first.
Sibling rivalry
Take Off
Burrowing Owl Chicks
Burrowing Owl Landing

Burrowing Owl Landing
Young Chicks Recently Out of Nest

Young Owlet

Was That A UFO
Burrowing Owl Acrobats

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