Kestrals mating

Kestrals Mating

Kestrals Mating

kestrals9534 kestrals9545

I managed to get 2 Kestrals mating yesterday. Hopefully there could be some young in around 29 days after the eggs are laid. Could not get all that close with a 400 mm lens.  I really needed an 800 mm or greater lens or doubler.


On the way home I got this shot of a red- shouldered hawk taking off from a branch. A crow chased it from the branch.

Red-shouldered hawk chased by crow

Red-shouldered hawk chased by crow

Rattlesnakes and Pelicans

wdiamond_9353 Western Rattlesnake  Crotalus viridis wdiamondback9360Western Rattlesnake  Crotalus viridis

brown_pelican9184Brown Pelican brpelican9180Brown Pelican

The Brown Pelicans were at the cliffs in the town of La Jolla, Ca in their breeding plumage. They take off and land all day long so it is easy to get them in flight.

The Rattlesnake was a juvenile about 16″ long on the trail at the Santa Rosa Plateau near Murietta, Ca. They are still very potent even though they look harmless. Do not pick them up unless you want to spend time in the hospital. An important predator that keeps the rodent population in check so please let them alone. Not to be feared as long as you keep your distance and watch where you walk.